Short-lenght fiction film, 20min, color, DVcam, filmed in Barcelona.


The short Strange Looks tries to portray the daily intimacy of a neighbourhood by a group of teenagers’ experiences. 
The script has been written in collaboration with a teenagers’ group from the Carmelo’s neighbourhood in Barcelona, who have written a fiction, almost a thriller, to be able to speak about themselves with more freedom. They knew, in addition, that they were going to be the interpreters of the movie. The filming showed the potentials of these creative strategies; such to show the prominent figures / scriptwriters’ life, as to portray the daily intimacy of a neighbourhood.  

Direction Claudio Zulian. Screenwriters Sara Balboa, Rubén Borrella, Javier Giner, Inés López, Isaac López, Noemí Moral, David Moreno, Javier Ortiz, Juan José Ortiz, Montse Sánchez, Iván Teruel, Judit Vázquez, Sheila Vázquez, Claudio Zulian. Director of Photography Xavier Camí. Edition Amat Carreras. Sound Designer Pablo Demichelis. Executive Producer Montse Herrera.

An Acteon production in coproduction with Carmel Amunt.