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Four doors, without clouds

2019 Documentary

"Four-door, without clouds" explores the world based on the look and experience of two groups of children and young people with functional diversity. These people, all of them gifted with great capacity for visual thought, invite us to renewed communicative and cinematographic dimensions through symbolic images, paralinguistic sounds and gestural stereotypes.
The title already indicates a first repertoire of images: one of the participants indicates the good and the bad according to the number of doors or clouds. Four doors are good. Two doors and two clouds, are the intermediate. Four clouds are bad. Clouds and doors will mark the rhythm of the movie. For another of them, the door is also a symbol of personal change. There will be more doors.
The door, as we commonly understand as a step from the "inside" to the "outside", is not, however, very present: one of them considers it "dog" - perhaps because when you have to go to walk the dog, it goes out. So, there will be dogs that can be next to four doors because the person considers that he is a good dog.
Another one of them, considers that the bodies may be dead even though they seem alive: there will be something similar to a zombie or those dead people who believe they are alive, as the ones seen in Amenabar’s movie. On the other hand, the anxiety is projected outwards: there has been an accident and it is not well known who is the responsible, but the consequences are all the difficulties of this person to understand the others. There will be an accident in the movie.
Some of these people do not speak, but they emit very expressive sounds, associated with very precise gestures. From the point of view of "normal" relationships with other people this may be a problem but, on the other hand, in the poetic-expressive field it is instead an extremely powerful cinematic communication element.
Perhaps these people have problems with speech, because of their psychotic symptoms or the form of their cerebral palsy. However, they reason with images that they associate, compare and give a symbolic and communication value. Beyond the "documentary" or "fiction" categories, there will then be series of symbolic images, gestures and associated sounds in a new way, that will discover a world – our world.

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