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2017. Video installation.

Two paths are represented in Irene. From the self-image through an exhaustive work, muscle by muscle, to the complete reinvention of the living body; and  from there, through the image on the screen, back to the imaginary feminine stereotype. Distances of images and bodies. Not only, however. Irene moves, between power and imbalance. Thus is born a time that allows history and politics. Winding paths to walk, because the body knows no easy shortcuts -- correction or hedonism: it is action, journey, weight, question. Therein lies its greatness, its endless fascination. 

Irene is a video installation from which derive a series of works in various formats - photographs, installations. It has been presented for the first time at Canem Gallery in Castellón. 

In collaboration with: Irene Tris, actress; Sergi Garriga, cinematographer; Elena Ballester, costume design.

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