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Year of release: 2007

What makes modern an Antigone? To place it in New York or in a slaughter house? To make her sing rap or hip-hop? Odola means " the blood " in Basque, an allusion to a tragedy of current importance in which blood is present so much in wounds opened on dead or mutilated men like in the links of blood between the members of both sides. But what makes modern this Antigone is the conflict between reality and verbal construction, between the feelings of people and the demagoguery of system.

Idea and Stage Direction Albert Mestres. Composition and Musical Direction Jordi Rossinyol. Antigone Montserrat Bertral (mezzo). Edip Xavier Ribera (baritone). Actor Victor Alvaro. Piano Silvia Vidal. Percusion Pilar Subirà. Violoncello Elisabetta Renzi. Violin Joan Morera. Scenic Space and LighteningJosé Menchero. Direction Assistant Carles Mallol. Executive Production Montse Herrera (Acteon). 

An Acteon production in coproduction with Festival de Òpera de Bolsillo y Nuevas Creaciones, Joventuts Musicals de Torroella de Montgrí, l’Institut Nacional de les Arts Escèniques i la Música (INAEM) and Generalitat de Catalunya.

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