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Year of release: 2004

The attack on the March 11th of 2004 in Madrid is the starting point of this reflection and musical staging done by the Danish composer Lars Graugaard, the film director Claudio Zulian, the writer Antonio Montesinos and the stage director Rafel Duran. A view of the facts which focuses on the bulk of random circumstances, unpredictable crosses and dramatic contradictions that are characteristic in a tragedy of these dimensions. It’s a show that re-produces the pictures and the speeches that were made on the event and there are some other new ones added. It is a multimedia show, with records of speeches and words in periodistic style and poetic style, which goes from the reflection to the critical farce.

Original Idea Lars Graugaard, Claudio Zulian. Composition & Musical Direction Lars Graugaard. Libretto Toni Montesinos. Stage Management Rafel Duran. Contratenor Oriol Rosés. Lightening Guillem Gilabert. Sound Claudio Nervi. Stage & Customs Rafel Duran. Production Montse Herrera. Production Assistant Marta Agulló. Management Meteora.

An Acteon Production in Coproduction with Festival d’Òpera de Butxaca i Noves Creacions. With the support of Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) and Instituto para la Creación Artística y el Pensamiento Contemporáneo (ICAC).


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