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2011. Video installation, variable dimensions. DVD, 30 min, color. Image: single channel. 2 stereo channels. 

2031/2111 is a documentary about the village of Ayerbe (Huesca, Aragon) where, from the conversations with some of its residents, a small exploration of the life and destiny imagined by them is made. 

The almost universal spread of urban culture, through the mass media, has profoundly altered the sociality of small towns and villages. In particular, now their habitants have expectations that have little or nothing to do with those of previous generations, mostly tied to the agriculture and to the natural environment. This is, in fact, a portrait of Ayerbe. 

With the support of ICAA and Fundación La Caixa. A production of Mucho + que cine for Encuentro Terrícolas.

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