2003. Videoinstallation. Four projections in translucent screens (200 x 40 cm), 3 metres above groud. Ten minutes each projection, colour, DVD. 
Comissioned by Departamento de Cultura Cabildo de Lanzarote, for the II Photography Bienal of Lanzarote.

For some months - from January to July -, through chats, meetings, interviews and walking around streets, squares and pieces of open land, we tried to verify which were the constellations of images of the four neighbourhoods that surround the Maretas: Argana Alta, Argana Baja, Titerroy and San Francisco Javier. In the countless meetings with the neighbours –who were really kind- the worry for the future - personnel of the neighbourhood, of the island - was constituting a nucleus about which there were gravitating many images. Realizing their vocation in a related way to our time, the cisterns of the Maretas, recollected, instead of rain, the audiovisual fragments with which we have tried, not to show only, but also to open some of the images of four neighbourhoods.