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2003. Videoinstallation. Four projections in translucent screens of 200 x 40 cm, suspended 3 meters from the ground. Approximately ten minutes each , color, DVD. 

For several months - from January to July -, through talks, meetings, interviews and tours of streets, squares and open spaces, we tried to find out which were the constellations of images of the four neighborhoods surrounding the Maretas: Argana Alta, Argana Baja, Titerroy and San Francisco Javier. In the innumerable meetings with the neighbors –of unreserved kindness- the concern for the future - personal, of the neighborhood, of the island - constituted a nucleus around which many images gravitated. Carrying out their vocation in a manner akin to our times, the cisterns of the Maretas, instead of rain, collected the audiovisual fragments with which we have tried not only to show but also to open up some of the images of the four neighborhoods.

Comissioned by the Department of Culture Cabildo de Lanzarote, for the II Biennial of  Photography of Lanzarote.

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