2004. Feature Picture Film. 85 min. 

An Acteon production in coproduction with TV3. With the support of Institut de Cinematografia i Arts Audiovisuals (ICAA) from the Ministerio de Cultura and the Institut Català d’Indústries Culturals (ICIC) from the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya .

Alex, a documentary director, gets to know Beatriz, a poor, eccentric lady who has an original knowledge. He finally proposes her to film a documentary about her life and her neighborhood’s life. The things she explains and that she shows let the documentary arrive to a really critic, poetic and insurgent point.
Although, the incompatibility between her personal world and the pression from the audience will finish with Alex pure intentions and will let Beatriz onto a limit situation.
Beatriz/Barcelona is the tragic impossibility to take an alternative to the “normal” life of the consumer society, as a fatal mechanism where they are all traped. 

Cast: Beatriz - Mercè Arànega, Àlex - Josep Linuesa and Carles - Pep Jové. 

Selected at the Festival of Cinema and Video of Buenos Aires (Argentina 2007), Festival of Digital Cinema of Viña del Mar (Chile 2007 ), Festival of Digital Cinema DIBA in Barcelona (España 2006)