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2023. Video installation

Guerras que no han tenido lugar is a project crafted through the assembly of internet-sourced fragments port traying and ostensible trench warfare, completely conceals the military fources involved, leaving the audience in the dark regarding who is firing or the intended targets. The intermittent rattle of a machine gun and the precise actions of a sniper reloading his weapon provide glimpses into the war scenario. Yet, a deep red rectangle dominates the majority of the frame, creating an almost negative painting effect. The obstruction of the gaze could be interpreted in several ways: it could represent the denial of the spectacularization of horror, or it might evoke the universality of violence. Alternatively, it could symbolize the impossibility of representing any conflict, or even allude to images themselves escaping in the aftermath of a disaster.

Guerras que no han tenido lugar will be shown in the exhibition ¨Snake skin. Flesh (dis)becoming image¨ from November 2023 to February 2024 at Estrany-de la Mota Art Advisors gallery.

Guerras (2).JPG
Expo 1.jpeg
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