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2019. Video installation.

In our current world full of virtuality and technology, something insists: opaque, indecipherable, irreducible to calculation but always present. We call it body. Mortal flesh, sensitive flesh, thinking flesh. Without purity and without truth. He is also traversed by virtuality and technology: now I cannot think of my body without an image attached to it, almost indistinguishable from flesh. It is not, however, the path to any utopia, quite the contrary - it is the reason why so many light imaginations of a supposed technological liberation would like to abolish the body: because it weighs. The Double self-portrait series realise this. 

Double self-portrait is a video installation from which derive a series of works in various formats - photographs, installations. It has been presented for the first time at Canem Gallery in Castellón. 

In collaboration with: Sergi Garriga, cinematographer.

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