2010. Videoinstallation. Projection on a big screen. 15 min, HD, colour. 

"In the world of “olive trees” the humanization of wilderness is total. In fact, nowadays the cultivation and extraction of the olive is carried out through very sophisticated exploitation industrial technologies. This means that technology, in all its forms, dominates every single stage of the olive industry process, and banishes all the actions that linked the process to the ancient idea of land and the physical action of man on land, etc. However, the olive tree hasn’t still lost its importance within the narrative foundation of local identity.
This paradox is what feeds the work “El Olivo” presented in the group exhibition “Paradeisos”. The proposal is an olive tree portrait. Tackled with all genre keys: staging, artificial lighting, etc. And the result is a recording that is screened in the exhibition hall to an approximate scale of a real olive tree. The artificiality of the operation, which does not pretend otherwise that to banish the idea of purity or the wilderness which often adheres to the representation of the matter, is further enhanced in the editing process of the video piece." -Óscar Fernández López

Piece for the exhibition “Paradeisos. Oil Culture and Contemporary Art” presented at the Casa de la Merced in Córdoba (Spain) in December 2010; commissioned by Diputación de Córdoba.