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Video Installation

The Extimacy project consists of a set of 12 videos that can be shown in different displays according to the different articulations of audiovisual material - as a film or as a video installation.

The content of each video is the result of the self-production of audiovisual images, typical of the extimacy that is constructed in social networks. Different groups of people, one for each country, participate in the project. Each group is made up of people related to each other (families, friends, groups with common interests). Each group inhabits a specific territory (a city, a village, an area).
The participants are not simply invited to self-produce audiovisual images, but to dialogue with the artist through these images.  In this way, intentions, expressions and ways of creating images are refined and defined.
The audiovisual materials produced are then thoroughly reworked with the means of digital post-production to reveal the full potential of the selected images.
Each video is shot in a different part of the world, but with analogous production methods and similar formal attempts, in coherence, from this point of view, with the global intimacy itself, which can thus be explored and perceived on its real scale.
The ultimate goal is to provide a deeper experience of understanding the world today, through extimacy, both for the participants and for the general public and in the contexts in which the videos are shown.
The process of creating Extimacy is the organic development of a series of ways of doing that Claudio Zulian has been exploring in several of his works, from A través del Carmel (2006), an intimate portrait of a Barcelona neighborhood to La Montaña Mágica (2021), about an industrial area in northern Italy, through Panama Mundi (2010), a work with the inhabitants of the Historic Center of Panama or Power no Power (2013), with a group of young people from the outskirts of Paris.

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