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The Magic Mountain. Documentary. Coproduction Acteon and Jolefilm (Italy).

Awards: Director's Prize "Testimony of our time", Gala of the culture of Campodarsego 2023.


Bulldozer. Short film by Anna Moreno, co-written and produced  by Claudio Zulian.


We Were Not Born Refugees. Full-length documentary film which talks about the stories of six people. People who, at a certain point of their lifes, decided to exile instead of surrender. These are the stories about how, here and now, that decision gives a sense to their lifes.

Awards: Biografilm Festival - Contemporary Lives 2020. Atlantida Film Festival, Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2020.



Fearless. Documentary about the fight that the families of the missing guatemalan during the dictaroship go through.

Awards: World Premiere at the Festival Internacional del Nuevo Festival del Nuevo Latin American Film Festival in Havana (December 2017) / Biarritz Festival Amerique Latine / Cambodia International Film Festival 2018 / Chicago LatinoFilm Festival. Festival Biarritz Amerique Latine.


Born. Feature fiction about the history of Barcelona, with the colaboration of Televisió de Catalunya.

Awards: Best Film at Sydney Independent Film Festival 2016 / Best Foreign Film at the Toronto World International Film Festival 2016 / Best Foreign Film at the Singapore World International Film Festival 2016 / Best actress in a leading role at the New York City International Film Festival 2015. / Best Cameraman – Jimmy Gimferrer – at the Finow Film&Script Festival 2016 / Best costumes – Elena Ballester – at the Milano International Film Festival.


Fortuny and the magic latern. Documentary co-production with TVE and TVC, and collaboration of ICIC. Selected at AlJazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2012, and nominated for Best Documentary about Art at PriMED 2011.

Awards: Best Art Documentary, PriMed, France 2011 / Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, Qatar 2011 / FIFART International Festival Films Sur l'Art, Montreal, Canada 2012 / Design Onscreen Film Festival, New York, Denver, New Zealand 2013 / Milano Design Film Festival, Italy 2014.


After Violence. Experimental documentary in collaboration with Fundació ADSIS, Fundación Catalunya Segle XXI, Rencontres Internacionales d'Art, Fundación Obra Social "la Caiza" and the Departamento de Cultura de la Generalitat. Selected for the IBAFF Films Festival, Murcia 2011; Selected at the On-line Films Festival Rutger Hauer, 2010.


Just like paradise. Documentary.

Awards: Best experimental documentary Canariasmediafest, Canary Islands 2008 / Spanish Documentary Screening Pravo Ljudski, Sarajevo 2009 / Festival itinerante Cinemadamare, Italia 2009 / Selected FidMarseille, France 2008



The Shifting City. Feature documentary.

Awards: National Award of Cinema of Catalonia 2010 / Barcelona City Award 2009 / DocsBercelona Festival 2009 / International Film Festival of Orense 2010 / Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2008 / Split Film Festival, Croatia 2008 / Festival Urban TV, La Casa Encendida Madrid, 2008 / Festival of Documentaries and Animation FOK Leipzig, Germany 2007 / Sichuan TV Festival, China 2007 / Docudays Beirut, Documentary Festival of Beirut, 2007 / Festival Tertio Millennio, Roma, 2007.



Beatriz/Barcelona. Feature Fiction Film.

Awards: Cinema and Video Film Festival of Buenos Aires, Argentina 2007 / Viña de Mar Film Festival, Chile 2007 / DIBA Digital Cinema Festival, Barcelona 2006


L’Avenir. Documentary.

Awards: Paloma de plata Documentary and Animation Cinema Festival of Leipzig (Germany) 2005 / Ecoménico Award Documentary and Animation Cinema Festival of Leipzig (Germany) 2005 / Award for Best Short Film doumentary at the Festival de Cine Numérico de Viña del Mar (Chile) 2006 / Tenth award Best Documuentary Mediteran Film Festival (Široki Brijeg, Bosnia Herzegovina) 2007 / Festival Anzioni Inclementi, (Italia) 2008 / Festival Black & White of Porto (Portugal) 2007 / Special mention of the Juyry at the international Cinema and Digital Arts (Girona) 2007 / International Festival of Tampere (Finland) 2006 / European Cinema Festival of Vannes (France) 2006 / Asuni Film Festival (Italia) 2006 / Festival INVIDEO of Milan (Italia) 2005



Strange Looks. Short Film fiction. 

Awards: International Social Cinema Festival of Barcelona 2003.

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