2000. Interactive intallation

Organized by Departamento de Cultura - Ajuntament de Lleida. 

Finestra de Magranersis an interactive artistic installation by Claudio Zulian with the participation of the Magraners Youth Group. 
Similar to the previous installation by the artist in the suburb of Secà de Sant Pere-Retaule del Secà de Sant Pere (Altarpiece from Secà) April - July 1999-, Finestra de Magraners tests out new ways of urban expression, creating new images of Lleida, and incorporates in the urban collective imaginary the outlying neighbourhoods, as important in today's city as the suburbs in the town centre. 
Finestra de Magraners is separated into three places. A computer connected to the Internet at Magraners Youth Centre is for the Youth Group to use regurlarly to put digital pictures, text and interviews with the neighbours onto the web-site under the guidance of the artist. The images and text collected will be incorporated weekly at the other two places of the installation. Each one of these installations has a TV inside a concrete support and connected to a computer. One is at the Magraners Youth Centre (Magraners neighbourhood) and the other one is at the Pal·las Building in the town centre. 
These two installations were visible for the pedestrians in those streets and they were able to see all the material that the Youth Group puts up during the 2 moths that the installation was up(19th May - 9th July 2000). 
This Youth Group was choosen as collaborators on this project because the artist believed that they had a particular type of experience, memory and desire for the city. A point of view often missing from supposedly adults conversations. 
The two different places of the installation corresponds to its double function. On one side it wants to be a moment of self-communication of the neighbourhood with itself, to look at itself, think about itself, and perhaps imagine itself; on the other side it wants to be an act of communication for the whole city that will see a neighbourhood -relatively unknown- through it's inhabitant's eyes.

Concept & Direction Claudio Zulian. Photography Grup de Joves de Magraners. Technic Direction Antoni Rueda. Photo Archive Pedro Burgos. Executive Producer Montse Herrera. 


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