2004. Musical performance.

Fonia is a performance that talks about love. About Eros. Eros from a male point of view, humans point of view. Eros from its diferent angles, sometimes sharp, sometimes smooth. Fonia doesn’t have a narrative structure. Instead, in a collage way, shows, sings and explains us experiences: the first bride, gay’s love. It makes a study. It points out it’s philias and phobias. Diferent parts are shown to us by two diferent men. Two men who finally join forces because they share the same impulse and the same goal.


Music Diana Pérez. Scenery Direction, Dramaturgy & Custom and Space Conception Claudio Zulian. Cantaor Joaquin Gómez. Tenor Juan Antonio Vergel. 


With the support of Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música (INAEM) and Generalitat de Catalunya – music department-.