2001. Photographic exposition. Ten plastic linen 3 x 5 m, build on stilts 3 x 6 x 1 m. 

Comissioned by La Maison de Culture de Grenoble – Le Cargo (Francia). 

Is democracy an art? ten canvases with photographic reproductions mounted on scaffolding along the perimeter of the building improvements to Le Cargo - Maison de la Culture de Grenoble.
A place, and even more a public place, is a crossing of ways, of limits, of histories, of facts and of imaginations. A thickness composed by stratus of heterogeneous and mobile meanings, though consistent, that do not stop marking differences, creating what, thanks to them, will be able to have a proper name. 
For this reason it seems impossible to imagine an artistic intervention in a public space without interrogating before what makes it a place. In the case of Is Democracy an art? we've found in the artistic and discursive occupation of the workshop Obra Pública organized by François Deck in occasion of the reform of the building Le Cargo - Maison de la Culture of Grenoble-, not only a stimulus, but also a part of the investigation on the place already formalized.  
The presence of the neighbours of the neighbourhoods near to Le Cargo, in the role of exclusive actors of the photographies, supposes another important fiber of this plot. The relation between the producers of culture, the territory and the different social groups that inhabit the territory and that can feel concerned, not concerned or excluded by the different cultural devices, is evoked and represented by them. They are one of the fundamental vectors of the work, showing, with their presence, someone of the tensions that exist in our current culture.