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Year of release: 1994 

Nowadays, all politics are “spectacular”. In Macbeth, Sempre  we ask ourselves what is and how it is this spectacle. The text of Shakespeare clarifies the question: It wonders for the spectacle of the politics from inside the spectacle, in scene.
We have plunged in some fundamental aspects of the political spectacle: the music, which presides as a ritual: meetings, parades and speeches; the "colour of voice ", from the nasal voice of the televisions and the radios - the most common colour of the political voice-, up to the echo of the pavilions of sport in the meetings (the seduction of the sonorous  is a fundamental part of the political current order); the visual and dramatic forms of the mass media, from advertising up to news...
The means of Macbeth, Sempre are those of the political modern spectacle: amplifications and electronic transformations of voice, projections, signs and placards.

Idea, Direction & Music Claudio Zulian. Actors Eleonora Marino, Andrea de Luca / Ton Gras, Carme Parés. 

An Acteon production in coproduction with Festival International Aujourd'hui Musiques and Consorci Català per a la Promoció Exterior de la Cultura (COPEC). With the collaboration of Fundación Musica Contemporània GRAME from Lyon. 

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