2006. Videoinstallation.

Comissioned by the Spanish Embassy of Panamá.

The city of Panama is an exceptional observatory for the consequences of "globalization" in the civil contemporary life. It has been, in addition, marked by the different "globalizations" of the past, led by Spain and England. The concurrence of these aspects make of the city and, in a specific way, of its Old town, a first order laboratory in where to test answers and approaches, which can have general validity and interest.  
Panamamundi tries to "turn round" the common speech that imagines the local actors resisting the global forces. The neighbours of the Old town are not only victims of the globalization but also actors of it, capable to give them other appearances and contents. With them, we have gathered images and words for this videoinstallation which was presented in La Casona in the Old town of the city of Panama.
Special thanks to Asociación de Moradores de San Felipe (Panamá), La Casona.