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2006. Video installation.

Comissioned by the Spanish Embassy of Panamá.

Panama City is an exceptional observatory in terms of the effects of "globalization" on contemporary civic life. It has also been marked by the different "globalizations" of the past, led by Spain and England. The concurrence of these aspects makes the city and, specifically, its Old Quarter, a laboratory of first order where to test answers and rethink, which can have general validity and interest. 

Panamamundi pretends to "turn around" the common discourse that imagine local actors resisting the global forces. The neighbors of the old town are not only victims of globalization but also actors of it, capable to a certain extent of giving it another face and other contents. With them, we have collected images and words for this video installation that was presented in La Casona in the Old Quarter of Panama City.

Special thanks to Asociación de Moradores de San Felipe (Panamá), La Casona.

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