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1996. Installation and performance

An installation and performance in two chambers. 

The cellar. The darkness is not only the wet place where things are waiting to be born: they also go back there after living attached to the sun. They ferment, spread and mix: feed the quick eye movement that sleeps and the bodies that go across the street.
Below all this, there’s the earth: it patiently waits that the city collapses to make room for the grass, and the other that gives peaches and wheat. I’ve been born when this was leaving and I’ve left.
The corridor. It is true that C. sits in a white corridor. Somehow this white represents  - as a melting of all colours – the forgetfulness present we are living right now. But C. is not too sad, or feels too out of place, because he has learned to perceive what is tingling in the two-dimensional TV screen and newspaper sheets, or what is generally a kiss. He is active, very active: he has not given up on putting some order to the facts, especially those who depend on him. He remembers, because remembering means inventing and being sane. He also knows that some pieces of his memory are others.


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