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1996. Electronic essay

An electronic essay about culture on the Internet.

The exponential development of Internet raised on its time futurist dreams, filled the press, shook markets and companies, and amazed technicians, sociologists and artists. The speed of the phenomena, its extension and its continuous proliferation complicates the orientation in the computer net and blurs the extent of projects. Xarxart is an hypertext which articulates some exemplary works of architecture and urbanism, plastic arts, music, multimedia productions and literature, accomplished or in project. And also articulates the sites, either traditional or specific of the net, where all that is kept and shown. 
Xarxart is an attempt of making a synthesis, precarious and necessary like the page of a log book, of what the artistic and cultural production generates in the Internet. 

With the sponsorship of the Quantity Surveyors and Technic Architect’s school of Barcelona and Art, Culture and Technology (ACT), the researching team work from the Art History Department of the Universitat de Barcelona.

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