2007. Videoinstallation. Five monitors of different sizes. Approximately 10 min each. DVD, colour, two channels stereo. 

An Acteon production with the collaboration of Can Xalant. 

In TV interviews the synchronisation of sound and image, and the functionality of the audiovisual image with what is trying to be said, tend to erase the personality of the speaker. There is even a voluntary component here, since the person being interviewed often speaks as an anonymous citizen, as an expert on a certain topic, such as being a teenager, and not as an individual in all his or her complexity and with his or her own unique profile. Portraits of discourses breaks with this tradition, and gets together contemplation and communication. Unsynchronizing sound and image, we present a “listening shot” through which as we hear the individual’s discourse we are at the same time invited to pay attention to who it is that is speaking – to the intimate biography that every face expresses – and to follow the logic of his or her discourse. The objective is “political”, in the primary sense of this term since full citizenship is the free exercise of both intelligence and sensitivity in equal measure. 

Participants Manuel Sadjo Bayo, Huma Jamshed, Francesc Puntí, Robert Tomàs, Claudio Zulian.