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2007. Video installation. Five monitors of different sizes. Approximately 10 min each. DVD, color, two channels stereo each one. 

An Acteon production with the collaboration of Can Xalant. 

In the interviews we can see on the television, the synchronization of sound and image, and the functionality of the audiovisual image regarding what is to be said, tend to make the speaker's personality disappear. This is even a voluntary effect , since the interviewee often speaks as an anonymous citizen, as an expert on a certain subject, as a teenager, but not as a concrete person, with his or her complexities and unique profile. Portraits of Discourses breaks with this situation, combining contemplation and communication. By desynchronizing sound and image, presenting a "listening stage" while we hear the person's speech, we are invited to pay attention to who is speaking -the biography that every face expresses- and to follow the reasoning of their discourse. The attempt is "political" in the fullest sense of the term, because the fullness of citizenship is the free exercise of intelligence and sensitivity in equal parts. 

Participants: Manuel Sadjo Bayo, Huma Jamshed, Francesc Puntí, Robert Tomàs, Claudio Zulian.


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