2005. Photographic installation. Three pairs of photos 250 x 125 cm. One serie was installed at the Casa del Pumarejo(Sevilla) at the space of Asociación de Vecinos Delta and Cento Cívico Entreparques. 

Comissioned by El Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo [Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art] (CAAC). With the coordination of Empresa Pública de Gestión de Programas Culturales.

Seville City. 3x2 places of shared images is fruit of various months of meetings between inhabitants of the city, and in a specific and systematic way, meetings with three working groups who come from three different neighbourhoods in Seville: Cerro del Águila, Pumarejo and  Pino Montano. The dynamics of each place have fomented a certain homogeneity in each of the groups, and this is a feature which has, for example, served to demonstrate the points of view of three different generations.
Every group has chosen the place, the actions and the title of their photography. The explanatory offer consists of three pairs of photographs of great format. Three have been exposed in the CAAC accompanied of texts and other materials that allow to dive into the personality and in the actions of the three collective participants. The other three have been donated each one to the corresponding group and installed in a permanent way in their place of meeting.

Participating Groups Neighbour's Association DELTA from Cerro del Àguila, Red de Apoyo a Jóvenes de Pino Montano (Teenagers Helping Net from Pino Montano), Neighbour's Centre from El Pumarejo's square. Coordination in Seville Inma Donaire (CAAC).