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2017. Feature documentary.

A production by Acteon, Monstro Films and CDP
In coproduction with ARTE France, Alebrije cine y video and Óxido in collaboration with Programa Ibermedia


The value of memory: the current fight of a group of relatives of the disappeared people during the Guatemalan military dictatorship.

Fearless is the result of an extraordinary intuition. In 2012, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights condemned for the first time the State of Guatemala for forced disappearances - there were more than 45.000 during the years of the civil war (1960-1996). The group of relatives of people who were kidnapped and disappeared by the Guatemalan army, which filed the lawsuit, requested and obtained that, among other measures of reparation, there was the production of a documentary film to be made by the State. So far the State has refused to comply with the sentence - and to produce the film - but the relatives did not want to wait any longer: Fearless is their documentary. From the intuition that is the essence of culture, history and memory, now also played in the audiovisual field, they were deeply involved in the production of this film. Together with director Claudio Zulian they explored the languages of film, television, drawing and performance to illuminate in a new way the political aspects of this long fight for justice and memory.  

Direction and Script: Claudio Zulian
Executive production: Claudio Zulian (Acteon), Eamon O'Farrill (Monstro Films), Catherine Dussart (CDP)

Coproduction: Mónica Lozano (Alebrije cine y video), Marco Rodríguez (Óxido)
Camera: Jimmy Gimferrer, Loco González
Edition: Diana Toucedo, Dani Garcia Benavides
Sound: Eric Arajol, Pablo Lach
Music: Claudio Nervi


 - World Premiere at the International Festival of New Latin American Latin American Film Festival of Havana (December 2017)

 - Festival Biarritz Amerique Latine

 - Cambodia International Film Festival 2018

 - Chicago Latino Film Festival

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