2003. Opera. 

Taxi is a multimedia opera, as, in fact, they are all the operas that have existed in major or minor measure. A taxi driver and a passenger are the protagonists of that spectacle, based on a daily experience: we ride in a taxi and, after reporting to the person who drives it where we want to go, we give up to our thoughts. Thus, we establish an interior parallel trip on the outside; an intimate trip (and therefore not linear) across this structure riddled with tunnels in which we hide all that affects us. An actor, a soprano and a dancer, expressing the inexpressible things using their voices and their bodies, each one to the measure of his specific training or, probably, further. Like in day after day, bound sometimes to communicate with tools that they are hostile to use, and sometimes doing of other tools, which dominate, the centre of their existence. A pre-recorded sonorous world comes along the set.


Music & Libretto Diana Pérez Custodio. Direction Claudio Zulian. Singer Alicia Molina. Dancer Vera Bilbija, Maria Montseny Rodríguez. Actor David Lobo. Art Claudio Zulian. 


Special thanks to Universidad de Málaga, Vicerrectoría de Cultura y Aula de Teatro, Lola Ramos, Alegría Muñoz, Tristán Martínez e Isabel Cobos.With the support of Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM).