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2003. Musical performance. 

With the support of the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM).

Taxi is a multimedia opera, as in fact, all operas have always been to a greater or lesser extent. A taxi driver and an unfolded passenger star in the show, based on an everyday experience: we get into a taxi and, after telling the driver where we want to go, we abandon ourselves to our thoughts. In this way, we establish an inner journey parallel to the outside; an intimate (and therefore non-linear) journey  through that structure full of tunnels in which we hide everything that is most moving to us.

An actor, a soprano and a dancer, expressing the inexpressible through their voices and their bodies, each to the extent of their specific training or, perhaps, a little beyond. Just as in everyday life, sometimes forced to communicate with tools that are hostile to them, and sometimes making the other tools, the ones they master, the center of their existence. A pre-recorded sound world is woven into the ensemble. 


Music & Libretto Diana Pérez Custodio. Stage Direction Claudio Zulian. Singer Alicia Molina. Dancers Vera Bilbija, Maria Montseny Rodríguez. Actor David Lobo. Scenic Space Claudio Zulian. 


Special thanks to Universidad de Málaga, Vicerrectoría de Cultura and Aula de Teatro, Lola Ramos, Alegría Muñoz, Tristán Martínez and Isabel Cobos.

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