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2020. Documentary. 

An Acteon production in coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya and in collaboration with Generalitat de Catalunya.

We Were Not Born Refugees, tells the unique stories of eight refugees. Eight lives that cross in a European city - Barcelona - of today. Iryna, Mohamad, Gabriel, Boris, Jose Luis, Mahmoud, Maysam and George: lawyers, musicians, managers, translators, security guards, actors, call center workers. Some have just arrived, others arrived years ago. Some leaving a war behind, others a dictatorship, others a social or cultural discrimination. But all of them, at one point of their lives, knew how to make a serious decision: exile rather than submission. We Were Not Born Refugees tells the story of that decision and how, here and now, it gives meaning to their lives. We will be surprised to discover how in their day to day lives, their strength and their desires are transmitted to the people they work with, teach and help in their difficulties. We Were Not Born Refugees tells the story of eight full lives.


 - Biografilm Festival - Contemporary Lives 2020

 - Atlantida Film Festival, Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2020

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