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2011. Video installation. Large format projection, HD, 9 min, color. Two stereo channels. 6 monitors, DVD, 20 min each one, approximately. With headphones, Two stereo channels each one.Performance, 5 actors, variable duration.

An Acteon production, with the collaboration of the CoNCA, Obra Social Fundació "la Caixa" and Virreina Imatge Center (ICUB - Ajuntament de Barcelona).

A group of teenagers in an environment of luxury buildings and offices. From their conversations it is understood that they have power: they decide political, economic and social issues. They also have power over each other.

The film explores the social and political imagination of a group of teenagers of a working-class neighborhood in the midst of the current crisis. In fact, the film is a story about the crisis. The imagination of these teenagers is not very different from the one the public has. But in their case, there is an awareness that they will never have the power they represent in the film. 

This way, the fiction is constituted on a double level. On one hand, the teenagers explore their own conceptions of power, respect and the relationship between men and women. On the other hand, the spectators are confronted by their own ideas regarding this issues and, at the same time, with the impossibility of the proposed image – beyond all the good intentions always proclaimed by our society.

It won’t be the same is a journey into the dark heart of our society, by the and of those who, like this teenagers, are its ambiguous victims.

With Josué Freire, Elisabeth Ventura, Greidys Pamela Báez, Cong Cong Zhai, Paloma Rodríguez, Fernando Quisna, Nixon Freire.


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