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2009. Video installation. Ten large format projections. 15 min each one. Color, DVD. Two stereo channels each one. 

After Violence is a video installation, a lecture series and an educational project. The three aspects are intimately intertwined. The results of previous work with the ADSIS Association in the Carmel district of Barcelona, which is attended by groups of young people, led us to explore the educational dimension of young people through the mise-en-scène. The collaboration with a team of professionals and the help of educators allowed the participants to give shape to their desires, fantasies, fears and experiences, and to communicate them. The well-known H2O art gallery in Barcelona hosted the video installation (which was continued in 2009 at the Rencontres Internationales d'Art Paris/Berlin/Madrid) resulting from the whole process of creation with the young people. Conferences and debates were held in parallel, around the theme "Violence and authority" with the coordination of Fundació Catalunya Segle XXI. 


In collaboration with ADSIS, Fundació Catalunya Segle XXI, Galery H2O, Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació de la Generalitat. 


2009. Film. 29 min, color. 

The presentation of After Violence at the H2O Gallery in Barcelona, linked to a conferences at the CaixaForum organized by Fundació Catalunya Segle XXI and an educational workshop at the headquarters of the ADSIS Foundation in the Carmel neighborhood, was a considerable success and not only did all the participants decided to extend the experience for another tear, but also new entities became interested in supporting and disseminating the project.

Specifically, the International Meetings Paris/Berlin/Madrid organized by Art Action asked us if we could think of an extension of After Violence for the three cities. The first shooting took place in Paris, based on contacts with a group of social and media researchers in that city. In Madrid it was shot and presented on April 19th at the Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo and, in Berlin, it was shot during the month of July. Finally the whole project was presented in Paris and Barcelona in December 2009. 

At the ADSIS Foundation, a collective work of definition of materials was developed with the expanded group of young people, which resulted in a filming in Carmel and whose material was integrated with what was filmed in Europe. 

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