2008. Videoinstallation. Ten projections on a big screen. 15 min each. Colour, DVD. Stereo. 

After Violence is a videoinstallation, a cycle of conferences and an educational project. Those three aspects are intimately interlaced. The dreg of the previous works with the ADSIS Foundation at Carmel district (Barcelona), were groups of teenagers go, pushes us to dive into the exploration of the educational dimension of teenagers across the "imagening". The collaboration with professional team and the help of educators allow the participants to give form to desires, fantasies, dreads and experiences, and to communicate them. The famous Gallery of art H2O of Barcelona received the videoinstallation (that had a continuity in 2009 in the Rencontres Internationales D'Art Paris/Berlin/Madrid) of the whole process of creation with the teenagers. Conferences/debates about the topic "Violence and authority " have taken place at the same time with the coordination of the Foundation Catalunya Segle XXI. 


Colaborate ADSIS, Foundation Catalunya Segle XXI, Galery h2o, Culture and Comunication Media Department of la Generalitat.


2009. FIlm. 29 min, colour. 

The presentation of After Violence at the Gallery H2O in Barcelona, tied to an event in the Caixaforum organized by the Foundation Catalunya Segle XXI and to an educational workshop in the headquarters of ADSIS Foundation at Carmel district was really successful and not only all the participants decided to extend the experience for one more year, but new entities appeared interested in supporting and spreading the project. 

Concretely, Encuentros Internacionales Paris/Madrid/Berlin (International Meetings París/Madrid/Berlin) organized by Art Action asked us to imagine an extension of After Violence in the three cities. The first filming took place in Paris thanks to the contacts with a group of social and media investigators of this city. In Madrid we filmed and presented it on April 19 in the Centre of Art 2 de Mayo, and in Berlin we will film in July. Finally the set of the project will appear in Paris and in Barcelona in December, 2009.

With the Foundation Catalunya SXXI we will continue organizing cycles of conferences to deepen the subject matters related to the violence.

In the ADSIS Foundation they are developing a collective work of definition of materials with the extended group of young teenagers that will become a filming in the neighbourhood of the Carmel and that material will be integrated to the material filmed in Europe.

Participants Johnny Avalos, Juan David Caicedo, Sara Chersaoui, Belén Crespo, Toby Love, Ronald Suquillo, Elisabet Ventura [ADSIS teenagers]. Antonio Castilla [Phylosopher]. Edu Micolau [ADSIS Educator]. Carme Valls-Llobet [Doctor, President of the Catalunya Segle XXI Foundation and Ciudadana Para el Cambio Party]. Jesús Requena [Sociologist, Geographer & Policeman Chief]. Fabienne Duszynski [Professor at the Cinema University of Paris]. Emilie Da Lage [Professor of Comunication Sciences at Lille 3]. Santiago B. Olmos [Art jpurnalist, independent Art Curator]. Pepa Sala [Lawyer]. And the special participation of Paloma Amyach [woman at the Art Center 2 de Mayo in Móstoles, Madrid]

Concept & Direction Claudio Zulian. Photography Director Toni Anglada. Edition Laura P. Sola.

Colaborate ADSIS, Fundació Catalunya Segle XXI, Culture and Comunication Media Department of  la Generalitat, CaixaFórum, Encuentros Internacionales Paris/Berlín/Madrid.