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2012. Video installation. 100 min, color.

Commisioned by Bòlit Centre d'Art Contemporani de Girona, with the colaboration of Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat and the support of the Salt City Hall and University School ERAM.

Enthusiasm is a proposal that wants to articulate ways of working in different artistic disciplines around the imagination of a desirable city. The creative methodology of Enthusiasm integrates different groups of citizens from the city of Salt and some neighborhoods of Vic. The reality of these two places is the starting point. Salt and Vic are the engine of the artistic and social imagination of this projects.

We want the contents of this work to be the result of a shared exploration of the imagery representative groups of citizens (mostly immigrants) and their common work with creators and intellectuals.

Too often the issue of immigration is approached, although with good intentions, only from a sociological point of view. Migrants are the expression of complex cultural realities, and their presence must constitute a possibility of opening up to the world in an era, such as ours, in which in this openness - in its forms and in its politics - has everything important for our common future at sake. 


With the participation of Salima Abdessamie, Francesca Ferran Callado, Salomon Ferrer Marquès, Assane Pathe Mane, Joan Josep Pujol Artal, El Hadji Seikhou Diao.

Performance "Enthusiasm: the time machine":

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