2002. Videoinstallation. Three projections on a big screen. 10 min each. Colour, DV. Three monitors, DVD, 30 min each. Two channels stereo each. 

Comissioned by Centre Cultural la Mercè, Girona's Town Hall.

Girona i Girona i Girona is an installation which continues the earlier work of Claudio Zulian and explores the symbolic structure of our society and its relationship with a given territory. The procedure used to create this work is once again the dialogue and the participation, where groups of citizens are called to explain the symbolic knots of the territory were they live, and in some cases to try to define, together with the artist, a new image directly related to them. It is a way of breaking the predominance of the mass media on the imagination of places and for the society to be able to accede to experiences and to freer political forms. Art appears as a favoured field for these experiences while they allow to articulate complex contents that affect simultaneously to social, political, personal, affective and discursive dimensions without solution of continuity. The innovation that contributes Girona and Girona and Girona with regard to Claudio Zulian's previous works is the joint of the resultant images with the whole material generated during the creative and analytical process. The installation turns into an archaeology of the iconic production and constitutes the desire to explore the imaginary from elites, up to the excluded ones, in a gesture of equality.