Claudio Zulian started with an important fact: the presence of romanian immigration in Castellón, Spain. Although, instead of potraying the city throught the prespective of this group of people, he prefeared to portray the fantasies of the families that stayed in Romania, and that only know Castellón through their relatieves there, and a few pictures. In the testimonies of these relatives and friends, the city acquires another physiognomy, a picture that even if it's imagined doesn't have to be more authentic or real. 

Participation in order of apearence: Favius Buzatoaia, Maria Panait, Bebe Panait, Claudia Popescu, Mihai Gagiu, Corina Gheorghe. The filming took place in the region of Dambovita, in Tirgoviste, Fieni, Glodeni, Bezead and Nucet.

Just like paradise was presented at the Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló (EACC) as part of the 'Our Hospitality' exposition, ran by Rodrigo Alonso.

2007. Videoinstallation. Ten projections on big screens. Thirteen minutes each. Colour. DV. Ten channels stereo each.

An Acteon production with Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo of Castellón. (EACC)


- Most creative documentary at the Canarias Mediafest 2008.