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2007. Video installation. A large format projection, HD, 20 min, color. Two stereo channels. Three monitors, DVD, 20 min each approximately. 

15 prints on aluminium. Performance for a singer, 50 min. 

Commissioned by Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo (CGAC), Santiago de Compostela. 

Diana Pérez’s proposal to perform something visual and scenic parallel to her score, Renacimiento, in the CGAC, immediately seemed  to us an exciting challenge. Diana's text is extremely realistic, and clearly refers to a middle-class family contact with its characteristic spleen. It is about situations that hide a continent of unspoken and unspeakable things, of veiled reasons and inverse images. It was necessary to enter that labyrinth guarded by the Scylla of tearful banality and the Charybdis of complacent vaudeville. There was also the problem of articulating a video installation with a scenic moment, in which the image had to be partly emptied of meaning in order to welcome the performance of the singer-actress. The video installation is then configured as the "primordial scene" of the show, in which it returns as a fragment, as a phantom, as imagination and blind spot. A "primordial scene" that this time does not allude to parental coitus, but, ironically and in line with the title, to birth. And, to continue the irony, not to the birth of people, but to the birth of consumer objects. 

Following the same logic, the video installation has also resulted in prints on various materials that have been exhibited in several galleries. 

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