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2000. Audio installation. 

An Acteon production. Comissioned by the XXI Festival Encontre Internacional de Compositors (Palma de Mallorca), Fundació ACA.

As in other works of the series Redes/Cubiertas, S'Ubac  was also based on a documentary work and on the personal memories of the inhabitants of Sa Pobla that Claudio Zulian developed during the first months of 2000. From this work was born the definitive hypothesis of the installation, which, according to the meetings and the work that was already done, dealing with the work of the peasants and the vertiginous modernization of the village. Special attention was paid to the repertoire of work songs that are still remembered in Sa Pobla. Once the material was collected and selected the material, Claudio Zulian made a study sound editing. This sound editing was spread by loudspeakers hidden among the trees and undergrowth in the forest of Crestatx, for a few days. The forest is the goal of the annual pilgrimage that the inhabitants of Sa Pobla make for Easter and the location of the installation wanted to underline that quality of "sacred place " linking it, however, to the everyday.


Recorded Voices Antoni Caimari, Alexandre Ballester, Llorenç Mascaró, Maria Antònia and Margalida Vallespir, Francisca and Isabel Crespí, Antoni Vallès, Antònia Socias, Rafel Simó, Ferran Pizà and his son Jaume, Sebastià Campins, Iolanda Seguí, Antònia Bisquerra, Marta Alcolea, Francesc Cantallops. PHONOS Foundation Laboratory (IUA - UPF). 

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