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1998. Active installation. Different formats. 

In the semidarkness of its narrow streets the Raval has preserved plural and variegated forms of life, simple and effective solidarities, values and warmth. A urbanity treasure that constitutes a secret root of the whole city of Barcelona. A source of knowledge, now that, often, seems that a sad and homogeneous culture spreads all over the planet. Scenes from Raval tries to reflect the rich complexity of the neighbourhood, from the eventful sinuosities of lives, up to the secular caps of buildings. Men's vicissitudes and things that have left remains of wisdom, here claimed, and of which Scenes from Raval has tried to keep the direct, opened character, active more than contemplative. The dialogue is an art that still is cultivated in the Raval. Almost everything that is possible to find in Scenes from Raval is born from dialogues with persons of the neighbourhood, sometimes by chance and other times formal - interviews, colloquia, or groups of work-. The choice and the disposition of things is also result of those dialogues, which sometimes are prolongued, recorded, in the same installation. The set of things and voices create a scene, a place of communication: Scenes from Raval.
There are seven scenes: Architecture scenes, of Trade, of the City, of Memory, of Foreigners, of Other Lives and of Pleasures. The documentation of each scene and everything that goes appearing in it, is kept in an electronic text. Scenes from Raval is an active and opened installation, that each participant makes it keep growing.

Collaboration: C.S.S Erasme Janes, Can Xatarra, Comunidad Filipina de Barcelona, Associació sòciocultural lbn Batuta, Associació de Veïns del Raval de Ciutat Vella i Coordinadora de Corals del barri del Raval, C.C. Drassanes, Biblioteca de Catalunya, Ràdio Barcelona-Caderna Ser, BTV. 

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