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Year of release: 1994

The newsreader on his own, in front of a video-wall (the show is like a parasite: it tries to use shapes and spaces that already exist and make them sound on a different way). The narration starts as every day: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen… What the two monitors situated on the twisted frames’ top show is the figure of who is speaking: neat, neutral. But the audience can perceive that the part of the table and of the newsreader’s clothes that the monitors don’t show are really dirty.
At the back, on the video-wall, the news. “Reports”, elaborated usual images, music, resounding landscapes and electronic transformation of voices.  It’s all used to create a place were poetry is possible. 
As every day, the newsreader explains the news and introduces the reports. But there are some irregularities: sometimes sounds from nature appear suddenly on the set, sometimes some music overcome on the room. Images not always are corresponded to what we see on the stage. On the reports, they talk about what they always talk about: battles, power, sports, weather. Also on the reports, the music, the text, the environmental sounds, the images and their edition are combined in an unusual way: Do poetry, art and music fit in everyday’s narration of world?

Music, Idea & Text Claudio Zulian. Direction Claudio Zulian. Actor Manuel Carlos Lillo. Set Toni Rueda. Video José Pedro Estepa. Photography Carlos Solans. Executive Producer Arantxa Gonzalez. Coordination Montse Herrera.

Comissioned by Música del Segle XX. Presented at Festival des Arts d'Aujourd'hui. 

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