2006. Videoinstallation and film. Three projections on a big screen. placed in U form. 50 min each, colour, HD. Three channels mono. 

Eighteen monitors made by residents in public or private spaces of the Carmel neighbourhood, in Barcelona. 2h15, colour, DVD. Two channels stereo each one. 

An ACTEON production in coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya (TVC). With the collaboration of Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals (ICIC) and CARMEL AMUNT.

This installation has its origin in the previous experiences realized in the neighborhood of Carmel: Visions of Carmel (December, 2001) photographic exhibition and intervention in the streets of the neighborhood; Strange Looks (November, 2002) short with the teenagers of the Adsis Foundation; and the videoinstallation produced for the cultural capital Lille 2004: The Future.
Claudio Zulian and his team worked during six months at the neighbourhood with almost forty groups and an individuals' fortnight, leaving their image, their voice, or opening the doors of their houses, adding more than one hundred of implied people.
Around the whole neighbourhood there were screens of monitors. Some of them always had been there, in a shop, in a school; others were placed there by ourselves. They were like windows where one was looking out at two hours of the life of the neighborhood on February 10th, 2006, filmed without interruption, from 4 to 6 in the evening. The neighbors invited us to their homes, workshops, daily occupations, and explained us things of any day, where origin and future are summarized


- National Award of Cinema of Catalonia 2010

- Barcelona City Award 2009

- DocsBercelona Festival 2009

- International Film Festival of Orense 2010

- Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2008

- Split Film Festival, Croatia 2008

- Festival Urban TV, La Casa Encendida Madrid, 2008

- Festival of Documentaries and Animation FOK Leipzig, Alemania 2007

- Sichuan TV Festival, China 2007

- Docudays Beirut, Documentary Festival of Beirut, 2007

- Festival Tertio Millennio, Roma, 2007.