2003. Photographic installation. Diferent formats. 

Comissioned by Carmel Amunt with the collaboration of Districte d'Horta-Guinardó -Ajuntament de Barcelona, Direcció General de Serveis Comunitaris del Departament de Benestar Social-Generalitat de Catalunya, and Regidoria de Drets Civils-Ajuntament de Barcelona. With the support of Carmel's Municipal Market; Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB).  

This work continues Claudio Zulian’s previous works facing the subject of “image exclusion”: big groups of citizens don’t have the possibility to create and communicate their own images, they only receive a great amount of Media produced images. The fact that Visions of Carmel is an artistic work, permits to highlight the symbolic and emotional own characteristics of the complexity of everyday’s experience. Features that have a political and social fundamental dimension - as aspects of the free expression of groups and persons - but that are ignored often or carried out by "experts", "managers" and "communicators". For some weeks walking along the streets of the neighbourhood or along the Municipal Market of Carmel and at the “Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona” (CCCB), they could appreciate the images of themselves that some inhabitants of the Carmel created.