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2003. Photographic installation. Different formats. 


This work continues Claudio Zulian's previous works that attempt to address the issue of "image exclusion": large groups of citizens who don't have the possibility of creating and communicating their own images, but can only receive the avalanche of images produced by the mass media. The fact that Visions of Carmel is an artistic work, allows highlighting the symbolic and affective features of the complexity of the common daily experience. Features that have a fundamental political and social dimension - as aspects of the free expression of groups and individuals - but are often ignored or instrumentalized by "experts", "managers" and "communicators". During a few weeks walking through the streets of the neighborhood or through the Municipal Market of Carmel and the "Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona", it is possible to appreciate the images of themselves that some inhabitants of Carmel collaborated in creating.

Concept and Production Claudio Zulian. Photographer Eloi Bonjoch. Graphic designer Babel. Coordination Elisabeth Ponce (Carmel Amunt). Direction Production Montse Herrera. 

Comissioned by Carmel Amunt with the collaboration of Distrito de Horta-Guinardó-Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Dirección General de Servicios Comunitarios del Departamento de Bienestar Social - Generalitat de Catalunya and Concejalía de Derechos Civiles - Ayuntamiento de Barcelona. 

With the support of Mercado Municipal del Carmelo, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). 

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